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but playoffs are a pipe dream The lottery reform passed by a 28 1 1 vote, with the Oklahoma City Thunder the lone team voting against it. The NBA needed 23 of 30 teams to pass the legislation. Cuban told ESPN that he proposed two alternative scenarios one to the board of governors, another privately to commissioner Adam Silver that would have more strongly discouraged tanking than the proposal that passed.. What Syrians do is the business of Syrians alone.

Chinese government has done some horrific things to their populace but you wouldn dare to overthrow their leaders, wholesale football jerseys wholesale mlb jerseys free shipping from China [click the next website] would you? Western intervention is many things industrial weapons laundering, petrodollar, US support for Israel, proxy war to gain geopolitical influence and keep ME in disarray but none are for the benefit of the populace either in the West or MENA. No one is involved in this out of concern for Syrians..