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Jefferson County sheriff's officials say the Colorado Rockies star found the body in a wooded area on his property yesterday while riding an all terrain vehicle. Police say he body of the unidentified man appears to have been on the property for some time. A preliminary investigation shows the death could be a homicid, but the cause of death isn't known..

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My lack of faith was not unfounded, as the first shop I visited had none of the RSD exclusives on my shopping list. They had a healthy stock of exclusives from bands I wasn too interested in, but they had a bunch of new, non RSD related records in that I picked up while I was there, along with a bag of swag, and they had an Awesome T shirt for sale. Spoiler alert: This is not that T shirt (patience, fair readers see it soon).

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Only the New York Islanders and the Tampa Bay Lightning failed to fill their buildings, according to the attendance on the official NHL gamesheets and their buildings capacities listed in the 2012 13 NHL Guide and Record Book. There was the usual 21,273 at the Bell Centre, where the Habs hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs, and they topped 20,000 (20,035) in St. Louis.

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